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Original acrylic painting on 12"x 12" stretched canvas.

Eileen Flynn

  • EILEEN FLYNN (born 1989)

    Irish Independent politician.

    Eileen Ní Fhloinn and twin sister Sally, youngest of 9, were born in Labre Park halting site, Ballyfermot, Dublin. Their mother died of pneumonia when they were just 11. Just over a week later, Eileen was in a horrendous car accident, sustaining injuries that kept her in Crumlin hospital for months.
    Eileen decided early on that quitting school, marrying young and having lots of children, was not for her. Her teachers at St. Dominic’s School(Ballyfermot) were a great support to her and her sister. Flynn attended Trinity College, followed by Ballyfermot College. At 23, while working for the Irish Travellers Movement, she lost her father to cancer. She later went to Maynooth University, and earned a BA degree in social science, community and youth work. She has worked as a Community Development Officer with the National Traveller Women’s Forum and is a prolific activist, which is how she met her husband, Liam Whyte, also a political activist. They currently live in Ardara, Co. Donegal with their baby girl Billie.
    Despite experiencing the prejudices all Travellers in Ireland face, Flynn first campaigned to become a senator on the Labour Panel, and only missed by very few votes. But on the 28th of June 2020, Flynn was nominated for the Irish Senate, historically becoming the first Traveller to be a member of the Oireachtas.
    Today Senator Eileen Flynn, in her new and historically important position, plans to continue challenging injustices of society, and fight for equality, not just in the Traveller community, but for all that are underrepresented on the margins of Irish society.

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